Quality & certifications

To ensure a quality product, O.F.A.S. starts from the research and selection of the best raw materials: the steel comes from the best steel mills in Europe, selected during the years, and the rubber is promptly replenished and carefully preserved, to guarantee the technical characteristics of the material during manufacturing.

The knowledge and the controls on the raw material, in particular of a high-quality steel, allow O.F.A.S. to work with consolidated techniques aimed at emphasize the chemical-physical characteristics of the material and at maximizing product performance. The characteristic heat treatment applied gives the final product high mechanical and usury resistance keeping production costs low.

Product design considers both the characteristics of the raw material and the end use, an attention that translates into timely quality controls in the production process and product traceability, since the origin.

The quality of the product created, based on its type, is tested with the aid of special test benches, with a further and definitive validation step in the open field. The open field test, with the aid of an Agricultural Tractor and a dedicated machinery (on which O.F.A.S. products are assembled), guarantees full functionality, which will also be verified by the end-user.

During manufacturing, our staff monitors the steps and the constant respect for the product characteristics, as defined during the design phase and later validated.


Controls and traceability allow the resolution of any critical issues of the product, checking whether it is a defect or whether the problem encountered is due to an incorrect use.

The willingness to maximize the yield of the products offered leads O.F.A.S. to a constant study and improvement, as well as expanding its proposal integrating historical products with new ones, among which the integrated systems, to increase efficiency on the field.

The solidity of the quality system on which O.F.A.S. is based, is constantly verified and certified by the various bodies in charge through certifications and inspections, in order to make the production processes increasingly efficient and advanced.

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