About us

The '50s

During the second post-World War period, in a territory that wanted to reborn, the Favero family rolls up their sleeves and responds to the needs of the time working on small metal tools. To an increasing demand for work, the two Favero workshops join forces in the early 1950s, creating a single reality equipped with hydraulically powered machinery. Production at the time consisted of iron tips for chisels and pickaxes, spade blades and other simple work tools.



Passion for work
The passion for work leads the Favero family to grow, from a family-run workshop it soon became a small company called “Officine Riunite Favero Sas” (1954), expanding the products offering with gardening equipment..


Grow and improve
During the 60s the company moved to the present site developing a new range of products for farming and of spare parts for agricultural machinery. In 1964 born the today’s company O.F.A.S. S.p.a. (Officine Favero Attrezzi Stampati).
Replay with attention and efficiency to the demands of the national and international market led the company to grow and improve day by day, becoming a leader in the industry. The attention to tradition and the desire for innovation have characterized O.F.A.S. during the years, always supported by the commitment to guaranteeing the best product quality.


Beyond Borders

Already strong from the experience of a participation in Spain, which began in 2012, in 2017 O.F.A.S. expands again its borders. The passion for work is brought in a new production plant in Poland, in response to an ever-increasing market demand.


History and technique merge

Since ever in O.F.A.S. history and technique merge to create a performing product of high quality and resistance, without giving up the research for an optimization of the proposal and for the new, with the chance to study new products with a high level of customization.
The new generational transition in progress brings O.F.A.S. new goals, from the rediscovery of its roots to the need for a new environmental and social commitment for the territory it inhabits.

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