O.F.A.S. uses only raw materials coming from top class European steelworks that have been selected over the years. With today’s constant technological progress, the choice of raw material for a component is never a foregone conclusion, and having the best is a must that involves the technologies of both production and design. Boron steel in particular is used in the production of items that have to stand up to wear and tear.

The applications are many and various depending on the characteristics of the boron. After heat treatment, in fact, boron is characterised by an elevated thermal resistance, but with a limited increase in manufacturing costs.

O.F.A.S. moreover, uses steel with a high grade of carbonium, and also Triplex steel that is commonly used in ploughs. Boron steel is the ideal solution for a high quality product at a relatively low cost. O.F.A.S. applies durable coatings and facings with tungsten/cobalt linings.

These applications are micro-granular which when deposited with HVOF technology render the surface resistant to wear and tear, to corrosion and to chemical agents. The degree of hardness that can be achieved is extremely high.