Presentation of the Company

O.F.A.S. works in the sector of the metal and mechanical industry, that produces spare parts, specialising in those used in agricultural machinery, in construction firms and also in gardening.

In 1950, in a small workshop with hydraulic- power- driven machinery, the Favero family began to work with iron producing tips for chisels and picks, and blades for spades.

From a family-run workshop O.F.A.S. then became a small limited company called “Officine Riunite Favero S.a.s”, expanding production to include gardening tools. At the end of the 1960s the company moved to its present site and developed a new range of products for agriculture and for spare parts for agricultural machinery. Since then the Company has been registered as O.F.A.S. S.p.a. (Officine Favero Attrezzi Stampati).

To meet the ever-increasing demand for its products from clients, both at home and abroad, O.F.A.S. has expanded and developed its production departments with the acquisition of the most up-to-date technological machinery. All machinery complies with current safety and environmental regulations.

The company also accepts orders for customized articles

Past and present mingle in order to offer a valuable, high-quality product, each step in the production of which has been carefully followed with attention, expertise and efficiency. A well-trained staff, with the most up-to-date equipments, is always ready and willing to meet clients’ demands and satisfy their requests.

O.F.A.S. S.p.a has one outstandig feature and that is flexibility, thanks to which the Company can cope with the clients’ demands and solve their problems with a smile, so, thanks to the high quality of the material added to the expertise of the staff, the Company can offer a product that is not only special but also competitive on the market.